You Can Now Buy the Book in Print!
6/5/2018 5:57:00 AM by: Joetta M. Schneider, NBCT


Some people just like printed books, and maybe even moreso with workbooks.  So now you can get the printed workbook on Amazon!  This book includes the updated information from all our downloadable PDFs and the access codes for the videos that go with them.  It also includes an “Explanation of Terms” section, that could be really useful.  

So, yes, finally finished the book after getting 28 candidates through the cohort this year.  That is our total number; not all of them have completed all four components yet.  But so exciting for NBCT Nerds like us!  We have around 10 teachers who will find out in December if they’ve achieved or if they need to re-do a component.  Our advice to them is to assume they will want to retake a component, and to make that general statement to their friends and family who ask.

I think a good blanket statement is, “It’s a one to three year process.”  Not that they can’t do it in a year and I am certainly hoping all of them do… but the NBPTS was still making changes to the process this year.  Not to mention that the National Board process is truly a growth process and not a checklist.

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