Why do we call this “Professional Development Teachers Want?” Think of National Board candidacy as project-based learning for teachers, and you immediately understand.  This professional development is relevant to your teaching context.  You complete the work in your own classroom, working with your own students. You are highly invested in the outcome and the impact your work has on student learning.

If you don’t have your own cohort—we want to be your cohort.  If you already have a cohort, you can still use our resources.  For us, it’s all about collaboration and growth.  Our founder, Joetta, often says, “National Board teachers aren’t perfect teachers; they are good teachers with a growth mindset.”

About Our Facilitator Group, “NBCT Nerds”

We sometimes call ourselves “NBCT Nerds,” and affectionately say, “We’re geeks like that!”

Some would say there’s a difference in Nerds and Geeks , but we decided to remain true to our inclusive natures and embrace both.

"Futurama" coworkers, voice actors Phil LaMarr, John DiMaggio and Billy West think "nerd" is a synonym for "cool." They might be biased; there are at least four writers with Ph.D.s on the "Futurama" staff.

                                   —David X. Cohen, co-creator of "Futurama

[Geek] means someone who is almost excessively expert in a particular subject…"And so ["geek" has] come to mean something more like an empowered nerd. A nerd who is defined by his knowledge of a certain subject.”

                                    —author, Bill Nugent, American Nerd, The Story of My People

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