Online Cohort
7/19/2018 9:57:00 AM by: Joetta M. Schneider, NBCT

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Several teachers have requested online support, online workshops, and even an online cohort!  A few teachers said they had a conflict with the time of the workshop and they wanted online access.  So, we can do that.  The first thing we will do is offer online Skype support (or FaceTime if you want that and have an iPhone...) Very personalized, one-to-one training and question/answer support.  If you would like to sign up for the Prep Workshop online, you can find it under “Workshops.” The online support/workshop will include 8 hours of online one-to-one scheduled at your convenience and a free FastTrack workbook.  Due to the amount of one-to-one attention you will receive, there are limited seats for this workshop that begins August 1.  Thanks for your suggestions and interest, and I’ll keep you posted about other support opportunities. 

Here is the proposed agenda for the online workshop:

July— Discuss Overview of our work together and your needs for a timeline. (10 minutes), Discuss the Standards (15 minutes), Go over the 5-Core Propositions (15 minutes); let the facilitator know more about you and your teaching situation (15 minutes.) Homework: Read and study the Standards/ Chapters in workbook

August— Discuss How to Get Organized (10 minutes); Develop your Checklist for Component 2 (20-30 minutes); Discussion of Differentiating Instruction PD (15 minutes.) Homework: Get signatures and complete Contextual Information Sheet/ Chapters in workbook

September— Your report on how things are going/ your questions (15-20 minutes) Overview of Components 3&4 (20-30 minutes); Discuss Ideas for Student Engagement PD or get feedback on Student Engagement in your classroom (15 minutes.) Homework: Chapters in workbook

October— Your report on how things are going/ your questions (15-20 minutes), Intense overview and discussion of Component 4 (20 minutes) Discussion of ideas for Formative and Summative Assessment (10 minutes);  Homework: Chapters in workbook

November— Your report on how things are going/ your questions (15-20 minutes), Discussing and/or Analyzing your Video Recordings for Component 3 (Component 3 Intensive--30 minutes)  Homework: Chapters in the workbook

December— Discussion and practice Writing Descriptively, Analytically, and Reflectively; Discussion of Writing Concisely, Editing for Content PD (40 minutes) This is a work session with the facilitator. Homework: rough draft of chosen components.

January— Have a rough draft of C2 to discuss; Your report on how things are going/ including your questions, feedback on your writing and on your video quality (30-45 minutes)

February-- Discussion with Advanced Candidates and NBCTs in your content area (based on availability of online cohort members via Facebook Group)

March— Completely based on your needs including questions and answers; individual support and/or work sessions. (60 minutes that may be broken up into two 30-minute sessions.) Homework: Complete final drafts of components.

April— How to upload (10-15 minutes);  last minute questions from you with support from your coach (30-45 minutes)

May— two separate meetings: A) Last minute Work Session B) Upload and Celebrate!


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