The FastTrack Course

The FastTrack™ Course is designed to help you get a quick overview of the newly revised process of National Board Certification for teachers. This series is focused on the big picture to help you get started.  Presented by a professional cohort facilitator and based on work with real candidates, the course is arranged in four chapters with helpful tips and ideas based on the level 4 rubric.  Each chapter includes a downloadable PDF workbook and a streaming video that provides professional development you need about teaching pedagogy for that component.  The four chapters of the course can be purchased together for a savings of 22% or can be purchased separately.

After completing your purchase, come back to this page and scroll to the bottom where you see “Download Login.” You will use the username and email address that is associated with your PayPal account to access your materials.  You will also receive an email with a download link.

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Course Components


Component 1 Workbook with Video

Component 1 is the Assessment Center test.  In the Component 1 workbook, you gain insight into writing about your teaching for constructed response questions.  In the companion video, you learn the philosophy of the National Board and how to deconstruct the standards for the assessment center, a skill you'll use for rest of the components, as well.


Component 2 Workbook with Video

Component 2 is Writing About Planning and Teaching.  In this workbook, you will deconstruct your instructions and begin to understand accomplished lesson design as it is defined by the National Board.  The video provides professional development in practical examples for differentiation of instruction as well as tips for evaluating your teaching against the level 4 rubric.


Component 3 Workbook with Video

Component 3 is the Video component.  In this workbook and accompanying video instruction, you learn more about student engagement and what assessors need to see in order to consider your work "accomplished teaching."  The companion video introduces methods of student engagement and for giving feedback that moves students forward.  


Component 4 Workbook with Video

Component 4 is Bringing Your Experience to Your Teaching.  It's about how you bring your experience to your work as a leader, learner, and collaborator, and how you collect data and use it to inform your decision making.  The workbook provides guidance that helps you brainstorm about your teaching.